About Us

Company Overview

  • Focusing on high unmet medical needs, Jadeite Medicines is a biopharmaceutical platform company focused on developing global innovative pharmaceutical products for Japan
    • Deep research and knowledge of high unmet clinical needs for Japan. We take a collaborative approach and partner with CROs and develop for the Japan market
    • An integrated industry-leading business development platform led by reputable Japanese pharmaceutical industry leaders and experienced global business development veterans
    • Accelerate open-innovation within the pharmaceutical industry in Japan
  • Backed by CBC Group (formerly C-Bridge Capital) we will accelerate pipeline build up and development

Business model

  • In license products from biotechs around the globe for Japan
  • For the in licensed products, Jadeite Medicines will lead all clinical development for Japan
  • Partner with pharmaceutical companies in Japan for commercialization at submission or after approval
  • For some rare and orphan indications, Jadeite Medicines will develop and commercialize for the Japan market
  • Structured financing for pharmaceutical companies doing business in Japan

Value proposition

  • Licensing

    BD team with strong connectivity in the global biotech industry and extensive transaction track record

  • Development

    Local management and development team with decades of experience in drug development and commercialization

  • Financing

    Investment consortium led by CBC and other local investors, deep experience in capital markets to provide flexible financing solutions for pharmacos